The primary objective of the InfoTrends Ultimate Guide Online is to help print service providers, marketing service providers, and creative professionals make educated decisions when investing in software and hardware solutions for printing and print-related services. The guide provides a third-party description of each of the leading vendors and products within each category as well as an in-depth analysis comparing each of the solutions using a wide variety of metrics.


InfoTrends compiles the list of solution providers and information on their related products through primary and secondary research. InfoTrends gathers information from public sources, such as vendor Web sites and existing InfoTrends market research reports. We apply our best efforts to reach out and include as many leading solutions as possible. Solution inclusions are based on a number of factors, from breadth of features/functions and market position to a vendor's willingness to participate in the information gathering process. Vendors can request exclusion from the analysis.

To obtain up-to-date product information, InfoTrends continuously monitors announcements and product releases and also conducts ongoing interviews with technical representatives from each vendor. The interview process included an in-depth feature/function review, as well as product demonstration. Each vendor is given the opportunity to review the analysis related to their products to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information.