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Camera Phone Becoming a Preferred Camera for Everyday Photos According to InfoTrends Study

(Weymouth, MA) July 31, 2012…Like digital cameras, camera phones have become a mainstream technology. InfoTrends’ 2012 U.S. Mobile Imaging End-User Survey explores how today’s higher-megapixel camera phones are reshaping the digital photography market and the impact this will have on digital still cameras.

InfoTrends has seen a dramatic increase in smartphone usage since the 2011 mobile imaging study. The share of respondents whose primary phone was a smartphone with camera jumped from 24% in 2011 to nearly 46% in 2012. Additionally, many consumers are now using their smartphone as their camera of choice for everyday photos. Vendors and manufacturers should take this into consideration and make the mobile photography experiences as simple and efficient as possible.

InfoTrends has seen an influx of camera phone usage across all age groups. In 2011, there was a significant drop-off in camera phone use among respondents over 35 which is no longer the case. In 2012, well over half of study participants owned camera phones, even in the oldest demographic. Mobile phone vendors should offer a variety of products, bearing in mind that not all customers are alike. A young, tech-savvy professional will likely insist on a smartphone, but this same handset will seem overpriced and highly complicated to the average retiree.

One issue that mobile photographers continue to report is printing from their phone. Almost all respondents who used their mobile phones to take photos expect their printing of mobile photos to increase or remain the same over the next two years. However, of these respondents, only 35% were satisfied with the photo printing experience. Although great strides have been made in this area, InfoTrends encourages handset vendors to continue working with OS and print vendors to further simplify the mobile printing process.

InfoTrends’ 2012 Mobile Imaging End-User Survey covers the demographics of camera phone users, outlines general camera phone specifications, and considers respondents’ mobile photography habits. It also discusses the impact that camera phones are having on digital still cameras. Industry manufacturers and vendors can leverage the insights and advice in this report to prepare for the market of the future.

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