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Why Aren't Users Printing From their Mobile Device?

While mobile printing might seem like the ideal solution for today’s mobile worker, the idea sounds better on paper than it does in practice. The reality is that the mobile printing landscape is very confusing for the end-user. There are different solutions for different mobile operating systems, printers, and file formats. Some solutions require a computer, some necessitate cloud storage, and there are some that require specific apps. With so many different types of mobile printing offerings available, it is no wonder that most mobile users do not print from their mobile devices.

In an InfoTrends survey of mobile knowledge workers, many users revealed that they do not print from their mobile devices because they do not understand how to do so, or believe that their mobile device is not able to support printing. One of the greatest opportunities for print solution providers is to offer education to end-users about the abilities and benefits of mobile printing. As the world becomes more mobile, there will be an increase in the number of people telecommuting and working in non-traditional locations. It is no longer a given that people have access to a networked computer or printer. Without education, the benefits of print are likely to become less obvious to mobile workers. Vendors should ensure they communicate scenarios where mobile printing can improve productivity in the workplace.

Please indicate why you do not print from your smartphone, wireless computer, or other mobile device 

  Source: Mobile Knowledge Worker: Emerging Opportunities; InfoTrends 2011

Although it is critical to convince the IT decision-maker about the benefits of mobile printing, it is equally important to convince the end-user. The “consumerization” of IT means that mobile print is less likely to be enterprise driven and that employees across departments will have a greater role in IT and mobile printing-related decision making.  In this case, user-friendly offerings are key. The modern consumer has come to expect simplicity and ease-of-use with product offerings. Simplicity ensures that users will need minimal training on mobile printing which will further encourage usage and an overall positive experience for the end-user.

InfoTrends’ Is Printing from Mobile Devices Ready to Take-off? presents various mobile printing solutions that are available to the end-user as well as offers key recommendations to help print solution providers simplify offerings, communications, and education to foster mobile printing. For more information, please visit our online store or contact Stephanie Tose at 781-616-2103 or


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