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Opportunities and Challenges in B2 Digital

Published: October 2014


B2 format color digital presses are forming a new, exciting wing of the digital print market in 2014, a dynamic segment that will be influential for many years to come. Sheet fed, full color digital presses for B2 format media starred at drupa in 2012 and since then the commitment of key suppliers to B2 and larger format printers has only grown, as has the interest of prospective users. Today, the ‘B2’ digital press market is at a tipping point: More than 100 presses in this class have been placed globally; meanwhile, more B2 models and even some larger ‘B1’ models are about to launch, and multiple vendors will need major placements to justify their big investments. Will they and their products find success?

InfoTrends aims to make sure they do so by providing good insight into the B2 market of today and tomorrow. Opportunities and Challenges in B2 Digital is deep, unprecedented research into the most important new class of digital printers that the market has seen in many years.

Project Objectives

This research will provide the following insights:

  • Overview of the B2 color digital press market, citing and briefly describing all the main products, including some yet to launch.
  • Application mix and application trends. Sources of jobs and break-even against offset.
  • Satisfaction level of current users of sheet fed color digital B2 systems.
  • Requirements for future B2 printing systems and barriers to more widespread use of them.
  • Requirements and preferences for prepress set-up used, including workflow and data formats.
  • Media needs and how they are met. Usage share by type of paper and usage of specialty media.
  • Requirements for finishing solutions, whether in-line or off-line, existing or new.
  • The outlook for folding carton printing and other applications such as signage and décor.
  • Current and future media requirements. Preferred channels for paper buying.
  • Financial and other drivers, such as average job size, for choosing a B2 color digital press, including main areas of profitability.
  • For existing users, main areas of revenue growth or cost savings realized. Return on investment (ROI), both targeted and actual.
  • Types of customers, and their expectations regarding B2 digital. Opportunities for new customers and services.
  • Comparison of the research results, highlighting differences between major geographies and customers types.
  • Market forecast, 2013-2018, to include placements, print volume, prices, service & supply, cut by NA, EMEA, AP, LA regions.

Analysis & Project Deliverables

Subscribers will receive a number of deliverables as clients of this research project:

  • Comprehensive Written Report - Discussion of all survey and interview results, and InfoTrends analysis of the whole project. Over 100 pages in length  and containing both case study highlights from the 40 personal interviews (half page per site) and extensive charting of results from the structured survey of 200 print providers.
  • Personal Interview Excel Summary - Excel table based summary of  personal interviews. It will allow an overview study of existing users of B2 presses, with company classifications, basic features on installation, and application and usage information.
  • Structured Survey Tabulation - For 200 respondents, all responses to all questions, cut by company size, equipment in use, applications printed, and by multiple other segments.
  • Forecast - In a convenient Excel pivot table format, placements and installed base for B2 and larger sheet fed color digital presses, for the years 2013 to 2018, showing print volume, printer sales revenues, spending on service and toner or ink, cut by electrophotographic and inkjet technologies and by four regions (North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America). Additional tables with application forecast for print volumes.
  • Executive Presentation - A telephone presentation to the client using PowerPoint slides that summarize the main findings of the research, and making recommendations based on those findings.

Getting Started

The early subscriber discount is available through May 15, 2014. For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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