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Cloud-based Workflows & Infrastructures for Graphic Communications

Published: December 2013


The printing industry is in a fundamental state of transformation. In order to remain competitive, print service providers need to embrace a total workflow model that enables them to produce at the highest level of efficiency, while at the same time, diversifying with niche offerings or marketing-related services.

The ability to support print service providers with an expanding range of software applications is challenging for many print production software vendors. The software development processes in place today are often not flexible enough, or it takes vendors too long to come to market with innovative solutions. Additionally, most Print Service Providers have very limited investment power and struggle to make significant investments in workflows, which significantly limits the opportunity for the vendor community.

The potential of the cloud is to break this dynamic. As we have seen in other industries (e.g. from Salesforce is a great example), the move to the cloud has the ability to create “network effects”; new applications built on a common infrastructure that transform and redefine the value delivery model. They provide benefits in terms of deployment, maintenance, and functionality that are virtually impossible to develop with on-premise, licensed software.

The printing industry is clearly evolving in the direction of cloud-based workflows. In the years to come, we expect digital equipment vendors to create production print app networks that connect vendors, partners, customers and their customers in ways that we have not seen before. By providing a stack of technology with open interfaces, 3rd party software developers (or vendors themselves or their customers) can rapidly develop new technology without having to worry about installation, uptime, failover or other infrastructural considerations.

InfoTrends’ “Cloud-based Workflows & Infrastructures for Graphic Communications” study aims to provide critical insights that software technology vendors or leading print service providers need to create cutting-edge cloud workflow strategies, e.g. for the development, implementation and deployment of cloud networks. The research provides recommendations across a range of environments and geographies, and helps determine in which situations cloud deployment is more beneficial than using existing on-premise, licensed solutions.

Project Objectives

Deliver critical insights to help vendors develop and sell cloud-based workflow solutions

  • Cloud workflow adoption, future trends, challenges and hindrances
  • State of IT infrastructures in PSP / in-plants / wide format environments
  • Pricing and delivery mechanisms of cloud workflow & services
  • Characteristics & success factors of disruptive, innovative value-added cloud network and services
  • Legal requirements around cloud computing in key regions

Deliver critical insights to help print providers implement cloud-based workflow solutions

  • Cloud infrastructure (hosting) providers; typical products and services
  • Characteristics of disruptive, innovative value-added cloud services that cut across supply chains
  • Best-practices from leading peers and vendors
  • Understanding how cloud workflows drive business transformation

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends will perform an extensive analysis to develop an understanding of the issues and opportunities surrounding the cloud-based workflows market.

Subscribers of the study will receive:

  • Written Report detailing interviews, key findings and recommendations
  • Management presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Data tabs and charts
  • On-site briefing (optional)

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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