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Substrate Opportunities in Production Color Printing

Published: May 2013 

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For more information, join John Shane as he discusses how this study is designed to provide paper mills and OEMs with insights and tools to identify paper and other substrate users’ needs by application and technology in the digital production color printing environment.


Digital production color is a growing market for print and paper. However, this growth is dependent on application, technology and media. Paper and other substrates enable the application and the application drives the print opportunity. There is a strong need among paper and other substrate producers and equipment suppliers to better understand the paper/substrate needs by application and technology(inkjet/EP).

Because of this need, InfoTrends proposes to undertake the research to answer that question for the U.S. and Western European market.

This research will provide those answers and a forecast by the following categories:

  • Application: Transaction, Publishing, Promotional, etc.
  • Technology: Inkjet, liquid and dry electrophotography
  • Feed type: roll versus cut-sheet

The research will also approach the question from the following views

  • A3 to B2 page sizes
  • Light/Medium versus heavy production applications

InfoTrends believes that this knowledge will be critical to the suppliers of paper and other substrates and equipment vendors such that they can, in turn, provide their customers with the enabling papers to allow the applications to grow.

Project Objectives

  • Examine the substrate requirements of users and potential users of production color digital presses
    -  Purchasing criteria and channels used
    -  Differences by application
    -  Difference by technology
  • Provide an overview of available & developing substrate types and brands for each technology
    -  Paper: uncoated, treated, coated, offset stocks
    -  Other substrates 
  • Examine key pricing points & demand for different grades
  • Gauge user (PSP) price ranges by grade type in relation to user volume
  • Analyze the market by application

Analysis & Project Deliverables

Subscribers of the study will receive:

  • Executive summary with text, charts, and graphs addressing the objectives of the study
  • Excel banners from the web survey
  • Excel forecast of media demand
  • PowerPoint of web survey and forecast
  • Optional Webinars and Onsite Presentations

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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