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Scanner Population Continues to Grow, According to New Report by InfoTrends Research Group

(Weymouth, MA) May, 06 2002... Scanners continue their march into consumer households, according to a recent study of 1,850 U.S. Internet users conducted by InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. The study found that 49% of Internet households had a scanner in their home by year-end 2001, up from 36% of Internet households in 1999. That compares to about 21% for MFPs (multifunction products).

"Contrary to popular belief, digital cameras and MFPs are not significantly threatening scanner upgrades or replacements," said Kerry Flatley, research analyst, InfoTrends Research Group. "In fact, only 6% of scanner owners say they will replace their current scanner with an MFP, and 2% with a digital camera. 86% plan to eventually upgrade to a new scanner, mostly within the next two years. Scanners perform unique functions that digital cameras cannot duplicate - users' most common applications are emailing photos, and copying documents and photos. Additionally, MFPs appear not to be a mutually exclusive item."

Among households without a scanner, scanners outranked TVs, MFPs, printers, game consoles, camcorders, and PCs on consumers' 2002 purchase wish list. Only two items outscored scanners: DVD players and digital cameras.

"The study indicates that scanner ownership is a precursor to further imaging activities and purchases such as digital cameras, online photo services, imaging software, and film photography," said Flatley. "This profile of scanner users provides invaluable insights to vendors of related imaging products and services."

Scanner owners are more satisfied with today's models than their predecessors. Their biggest sources of dissatisfaction? "Speed," said Flatley. "It is the most important criteria for scanner users' next purchase. Although scanning speed has improved over the years, consumers expect instant gratification from technology products. USB 2.0, already in some models, is designed to satisfy those demands."

The new report, "Mass Market Scanner End User Survey," available immediately, details feature preferences and purchase plans for scanners and imaging software, demographics, applications, print volume, use of online photo services, MFP users, and more. Specific brands of scanning, software, printer, and MFP vendors covered include Acer, Adobe, ArcSoft, ACD Systems, Brother, Canon, Compaq, Epson, HP, Jasc, Lexmark, MGI/Roxio, Microsoft, Microtek, ScanSoft, Ulead, Visioneer and Xerox. Results of a separate study, "2002 Digital Camera End User Survey," are also available for purchase. Both studies provide detailed information on both owners and non-users.


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