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Deliverables - Dynamic Content Software Strategies

DSS deliverables provide support for your marketing, product planning, product development, and short- and long-term strategy development decisions. The service is designed to provide ongoing customized support throughout the year with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables, as well as online access 24 hours a day.

News: Critical written summaries of the most important technology and market developments affecting the dynamic content software industry. Designed for a quick and concise read, these briefings inform management personnel of the key developments that directly impact their business decisions. News is provided on a daily basis, compiled regularly, and available to clients via our online repository.

Analysis: Researched and written by our consultants, these deliverables provide an analysis of industry trends, issues, and events. This typically includes analysis on new products and technologies, events, and conferences or further in-depth commentary on specific news stories.

Strategic Assessment: Provides perspective on markets, segments, or broad issues affecting strategic directions and opportunities. In-depth analysis of a selected channel, market, or industry is also available.

Primary Research: Involves original studies and analysis of users, channels, or others using methodologies such as telephone interviews and Web questionnaires.

Webcasts & Briefings: Provide presentations from our conferences, tradeshows, Webcasts, and InfoBriefings.

Forecast and Market Size: To gain insight into the growing and quickly changing markets covered, DSS produces a yearly market sizing and forecast report. The report is developed through extensive primary and secondary market research, and the application of proprietary forecasting methodology designed to paint the most accurate and detailed picture possible.


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